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Non-Profit Organizations

Find out how The CIA Club can help your organization.


What The CIA Club can do for your non-profit organization

  • The CIA Club can offer our volunteer services to your organization. This could mean anything from helping serve food at one of your organization's events, to doing secretarial/clerical work, to cleaning barns. There is no fee for these services.
  • The CIA Club can help your organization financially. We offer grants as often as possible. If no grant money is available from The CIA Club International, a local CIA Club may raise funds for you. Once the funds are raised, the local group sends the money to The CIA Club International for charting and processing. We keep 10% of the funds in order to keep our organization in operation and to make contributions toward our grant and scholarship funds. The other 90% will be sent to your organization.

Requirements for Your Organization

  • Your organization must be focused on the welfare and rights of animals and/or the advocacy of a plant-based diet. Although our organization seeks to help make improvements to the environment, we do so in the area where the environment is harmed due to animal-related issues, such as factory farming. Therefore, we would not be able to help your organization if it is strictly environmental without focus on pollution resulting from a meat-based diet.
  • You must be on record as a non-profit organization and provide proof of such.
  • If you'd like our volunteer services, it is necessary that a CIA Club exist at a school near you if the work must be done in person. We will determine if a CIA Club exists near you when you complete your request form. If one does not exist, we could use your help with starting one in your local area. Once the club is running, they can volunteer their services to your organization assuming you meet the requirements. For more information on helping to start a CIA Club in your area, please click here.

How to Request Our Services and/or Apply for a Grant

Please complete the Non-Profit Organization Request Form

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