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1. How do I build a new CIA Club?
Order a new-club-building kit from The CIA Club by sending an email request to
2. Does The CIA Club help all types of animals?
Yes. We believe that all animals should be treated equally, including those that are typically eaten. That means that we advocate a completely plant-based diet (a.k.a. a vegan diet). To find out more about this diet, click here.
3. What can we do to educate ourselves and others about a plant-based diet?
There are many things you can do. You can pass out pamphlets/leaflets, show videos, invite guest speakers, etc. Also, each club is required to build a library of books, other literature (pamphlets/leaflets), and videos made available for check out to anyone. Your library must contain only books, literature, and videos that are approved by The CIA Club. Of course, this doesn't mean we do not encourage you to read any book or watch any film you would like. It does mean that we do not want students to get confused about the messages our club wants to send. Therefore, we support only the books, literature, and videos on our approved list
4. What if our school administration, teachers, and/or parents do not allow us to start a CIA Club or prevent us from expressing ourselves?
You have the right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment. Please read the following information at
5. What if my parent refuses to allow me to eat a plant-based diet at home?
This can be a very challenging situation. Be patient with your parents. This is an opportunity to show them how mature you can be. Remember, there's a good chance they have learned all their lives that eating animal products is necessary. They may not change overnight. Make as much literature available to them as possible. Find vegetarian restaurants in your area and ask them to go. Find some good vegetarian recipes and start making meals for the family. If your recipe calls for specific ingredients, your parents may be more likely to pay for those ingredients if you're making the meal. Stay positive and calm, but also remain true to your decisions. We have seen that often parents are very resistant at first, but once they realize their child is serious about making a life-long dietary change, they eventually become less resistant and often even make changes themselves. Just remember, this can take anywhere from several days to years. Think of this as an opportunity to prove that you are a strong leader who has the courage to think for yourself. Remember this quote by John Stuart Mill: Every great movement must experience three stages: Ridicule, discussion, adoption.
6. What kind of service projects can The CIA Club undertake?
The CIA Club volunteers services to non-profit organizations that benefit animals and help promote plant-based diets. Your services might include anything from selling raffle tickets at events, to cleaning barns at animal sanctuaries.
7. What is the cost for membership?
The annual fee per member is only $10. The one-time chartering fee to start a new CIA Club is US$200 per school and must be paid at the time of chartering. This fee includes the membership pins, *handbook (when available), cards, certificates, banner, two CIA Club t-shirts, and a sample leaflet/pamphlet pack. (*until printed copies are available, the handbook information will be provided through .pdf documents online only)
8. What if we cannot afford to charter a new club or what if a member cannot afford to join?
Part of the purpose of this club is to instill leadership skills in students. Therefore, it is up to the students to be resourceful and creative enough to discover ways to come up with the necessary costs. The CIA Club International is a non-profit organization, and we make every effort to reduce costs as much as possible; however, money is necessary for us to continue to provide our services to students and other non-profit organizations. You can be a leader by organizing a fundraiser at your school. This could be anything from a car wash to selling "message-grams" to students (these message cards might say things such as, "Will you be my date for the prom?"). Once you do get chartered, if you have students who cannot afford the membership fee, your club can decide if you'd like to offer some sort of grant for those students. Perhaps they may be required to fill out a waiver form in which they have to write a short essay for your consideration, and you can set aside some of your fundraiser money for those types of grants. Be leaders, and remember that "where there is a will, there is a way."
9. Is there a minimum time commitment for involvement in The CIA Club?
Clubs may use a point system in which members may earn points for attending meetings and projects. Members should be willing to spend 50 hours or more of service each year.
10. How many members are needed to start a new club?
Ten is all it takes; however, no more than one-half should be scheduled to graduate in the same year.
11.The club membership form requests member names and mailing addresses. Will The CIA Club sell or rent these to others?
No! The membership database is for the exclusive use of The CIA Club. It will only be used to (e)mail, under the control of The CIA Club, organization information to members.
12. Why are fundraisers necessary and where does the money go?
Each club is required to conduct fundraisers annually, both to raise money for the individual club, as well as to raise money to contribute to other non-profit organizations. When the club raises money for itself, that money may be used for a variety of things as outlined under the responsibilities of the treasurer, such as to improve the club's library, to order merchandise, to enhance recruitment, etc. (keeping in mind that all earnings and expenditures must be carefully recorded by the Treasurer). If the club raises money for another non-profit organization, the money is to be mailed to The CIA Club International first where the money will be processed and charted, and then 90% will be sent to the organization(s) that you have chosen from our list of approved organizations. The other 10% will be used to keep The CIA Club in operation and to contribute toward grant and scholarship funds.

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