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Objectives of The CIA Club

Mission Statement: The Compassion in Action Club (The CIA Club) is a student-oriented, animal-advocacy organization that provides its members with opportunities to render service, develop leadership skills, and educate themselves and others about the interconnectedness of all beings to create a healthy and compassionate planet.

Vision: To develop healthy, strong, compassionate leaders and a thriving environment through diet, education, and service for all animals.

Core Values: The core values of The CIA Club are leadership, compassion, life-long learning, and respect for ALL beings.

Pledge: I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objectives of The Compassion in Action Club; to strengthen my leadership skills and build character through service; to continuously increase and share my knowledge about the plight of animals and their interconnectedness with humans and the planet; to treat all beings and the environment with respect; and to peacefully work to overcome all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

Motto: Changing the world one being at a time


  • To develop initiative and leadership.
  • To provide information about a plant-based diet so that our health and the environment may flourish.
  • To provide experience with working together to achieve goals.
  • To serve the school and community, including humans and animals.
  • To raise funds for non-profit organizations that benefit animals.
  • To cooperate with the school administration.
  • To prepare for useful citizenship and life-long learning.
  • To accept and promote the following ideas:
    • Caring for ALL beings and respecting their rights and good will should be valued more than material things or superficial desires.
    • People must think for themselves and not let negative criticism by others influence who they are and what they do.
    • People must treat all beings how they would like to be treated themselves.
    • True leaders make sure they succeed scholastically, extra-curricularly, and socially. True leaders do not sit back and wait for things to happen. True leaders have the initiative to make things happen. To represent The CIA club, students must value leadership and work to be good role models.
    • Violence breeds more violence. No matter how worthy your cause, pursue it peacefully and with integrity. Passivity and aggression will get you nowhere. You must be assertive and always focus on the win/win.
    • The CIA Club brings all "types" of students together, and fellowship between them is of the utmost importance. They need to focus on their commonalities and find ways to build enduring friendships. To build better and stronger communities outside the school walls, students must learn to build better and stronger communities inside the school walls.
    • Students must work toward creating and maintaining a sound public opinion and high idealism which makes possible the increase of justice for all beings, a flourishing environment, and quality of life resulting from a healthy, plant-based diet.

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